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Progress VS Perfection

Will the "I KNOW  I CANS' please raise your hands

Are you a perfectionist waiting for all the pieces to fall into place before you take the next step?

Are you waiting to take the next step forward on a goal until _______.  Or perhaps when you have ____, ____ and ____ in place?

YOU know the blanks I’m talking about, the most common I hear are:  when I have more time, when the project is complete, when the kids are out of school, when I get that promotion, after the holidays, once I learn to cook, when my spouse starts to help around the house, when I feel better, when I have more energy, when I have more money, when the weather is cooler, when the weather is warmer, etc, etc, etc!

Is the perfectionist in you holding you back from reaching out toward your goals and desires with the fear that if things aren't perfect, you won't reach your goals and desires on the first try???

Embrace your inner "I KNOW I CAN" self and turn a new page.  We consider "I KNOW I CANS"  to be those seeking progress, regardless how slow it may come. 

Those looking for progress at any rate (fast or slow) will consciously make a small step decision today based on their goals for the future.   I KNOW I CANS, look at every decision as an opportunity to either support their goals and desires or to sabotage themselves.

These are the folks that are clear about their end goal, are aligned with the goal, and greatly looking forward to achieving this goal.  They are willing to make small, easy to accomplish steps to reach their goal.
I used to be a “when the circumstances are perfect” person.  Looking back and seeing that ‘when’ was never going to happen for me, I made a conscious shift in my decision making and now make decisions each and every day that will get me one step closer to my end goals.  "I KNOW I CAN" reach my goals when I keep my decisions inline with my desires and goals.  (I have several goals at the moment!)
One of my major end goals is getting back to my ideal body weight.  I describe my ideal body weight to be the weight I was at when I felt my strongest.  I had the energy to do all I wanted to do and the body / muscles / flexibility to do it.

Instead of holding off (perfection based) to start an exercise program or a weight loss ‘diet’ until I had the time, budget and doctor approval after a minor accident, I make each and every decision on whether the choice will help me get to my end goal. (I KNOW I CAN based!)

Types of decisions I face each and every day that affect my goal of reaching my ideal body weight:


  • Will I take the elevator or stairs?  (pssst….skinny girls take the stairs)
  • Will I have a side salad or fries with dinner?
  • Am I packing a delicious and healthy lunch and snacks or will I grab something convenient on the go?  (This is a double whammy decision that affects my health AND a financial based goal!)
  • Will I go home and enjoy a lovely bowl of strawberries after kayaking or splurge on ice cream?  (I chose strawberries this time, next time the ice cream may win out!)
  • Will I park in the spot closest to the door or at the back of the parking lot to get in extra steps?
  • Will I sit on the sofa and watch bad tv or play Frisbee with the puppy?
  • Will I grab a sugary snack to compensate for my stress level or run a couple of flights of stairs to get my endorphin rush to counterbalance the stress? 

Every decision I make is focused on ‘will this get me to one of my end goals.’  If the answer is no, I do my best to not do it.   I’m not saying I always make the decision that gets me to my goal, but I usually hit at least 80% goal focused.

After all, I DO have a love for amazing food, have an aversion to grueling workouts and, sometimes, a great need to have a puppy dog on my lap during a bad tv episode!

Perhaps, your goal may be something that is not health based.  Perhaps your goal is focused on taking a dream vacation, buying a new home or starting your own business.  Are you waiting until _____, ______ and ______ are in place or are you making everyday decisions based on whether or not it will get you to your end goal?

Think progress sounds great, but not quite sure where to start? A Health Coach makes for a great ‘guide on the side’ to be your personal wealth of health based information, your 'Jiminy Cricket’ to nudge you to the decision that supports your goal and your accountability partner to keep you on your chosen path. Book a complimentary Discovery Session today to see how Holistic Health Orlando can help you achieve your goals.

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