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Emotions and Weight Loss

Does it take more than just diet and exercise to lose the weight AND keep it off?

Does it take more than just diet and exercise to lose the weight AND keep it off?

In my humble opinion. Yes. EMPHATICALLY yes.

For those of you who have had the delight of meeting me in person, you know I’m not tiny. I’m a 6 foot tall Norwegian who is ‘sturdy’, as my grandmother would say. In the pop-reference world, I’ve ‘got top AND bottom.’ (bonus points if you know what movie that is from!)

Yep, I carry excess weight and have been for quite a while. As a practicing health coach, this used to REALLY bother me. How can I help others improve their health and wellness when I can’t shed my own excess weight?

Well, truth be told, focusing on eating whole, real foods and getting in my exercise was not enough for me to reach my ‘ideal weight’.

Don’t get me wrong, choosing to eat whole, real foods 90% of the time and making exercise that I enjoy a priority has made a significant impact in my life. It just hasn’t shifted my scale.

Here is what choosing to feed my body whole, real foods HAS done for me:

  • Released me from pre-diabetes (my numbers are now in the 80s instead of high 90s)
  • Lowered my blood pressure to a consistent 115 / 68
  • Lowered my cholesterol levels to within a ‘normal’ range
  • Reduced my body age from 74 to 54 (and dropping monthly!)
  • Reduced my visceral fat from a ‘9’ to a ‘8’ which lowers my risk of heart disease, stroke, etc.
  • Reduced my daily stress levels so that I sleep like a rock (forget this ‘sleep like a baby’ stuff – they wake up every hour!)
  • Cleared up my skin.  I seem to be getting younger instead of older!
  • Increased my lean body mass ratio
  • ….and most important to me, I feel GREAT.90% of the time.(the other 10% of the time, I catch my rear view and it still taunts me….)

So what gives? If eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times is not helping lose weight, what is holding me back?

I’m so glad you asked!!! My personal obstacle is emotions and holding on to things that no longer serve me.

For me, this is a heavy load. (pun intended!)

As a highly empathetic person, I experience my own emotions at a high level and pick-up (and hold on to) the emotions of those around me.

As a highly sensitive child, it was difficult for me to process my emotions and the emotions I was exposed to. I had a difficult time expressing or releasing them in a way that did not cause grief or harm to myself or others. I would be giggling and laughing one moment then in tears in a blink of an eye.

Not easy on a family of 6.

I was taught early on to swallow my emotions and put a smile on my face. This made life much easier for the rest of the family and for those who had the pleasure of interacting with me.

Tucking away the emotions did not serve ME well. I did not realize that, at some point, I would need to let all those emotions to be felt and released or they would just be stored in my body causing undo stress, pressure and illness.

For those water babies out there, think of emotions like a beach ball or pool noodle. When they are on the surface on the water, they are calm and bob along. When you try to hold them under the water, it is a struggle; physically, mentally and emotionally.

What happens when you lose your balance and the ball/noodle you are holding under the surface gets free? IT EXPLODES! If you are really good at holding it down, the explosion could come ‘out of nowhere’ for others in the immediate area.

Think of your emotions in the same way. If you keep them stuffed inside, held down or ‘swallowed’, one mis-move and the emotions may come exploding out of you without warning and wrecking chaos on those around you.

Have you ever experienced someone lose their temper for no apparent reason or over something so little it seemed like a disproportionate response? This was likely emotions breaking free and escaping!

Right…back to the topic at hand. Emotions and holding onto weight.

I have been on my own personal journey to release the emotions that are buried deep inside. I’m a bit stubborn and bull-headed so it has been a unique adventure. Thankfully, the Universe has provided me guidance and put people in my path to guide me to my next step.

I have been combining several different techniques, approaches and processes. These include the Emotion Code, Radical Forgiveness, NET with the ‘spiritual ninja’ Dr. T (awesome Applied Kinesiologist based in Clearwater), meditations, hypnosis and the newest in my arsenal, the book, How Big is Your But by Rene Brent.

If you are interested in tapping into what may be holding you back, I would highly recommend starting with Rene’s book, How Big is Your But. It is a great starting point that shares the hows, whys and easy exercises to start you on your journey.

Last week, I experienced an emotional release that, I believe, was a pivotal moment in my healing process. Working around the theme of ‘fear of success,’ I was able to unlock a primary emotional need to defend myself and keep myself safe from my environment. (Resulting in the excess weight as a defensive mechanism to keep me safe.)

The release of this intense emotion shifted my thoughts and patterns. My go-to comfort foods repulsed me. I wanted vegetables and NOTHING but vegetables. Weird.

I feel that I have finally hit on, worked through and released one of the main emotional pieces that has been impeding my progress to my ideal weight. My subconscious now agrees that my environment is safe and I no longer need to defend myself on an ongoing basis. I’m intrigued to learn how my body will react and if it is finally ready to release the excess.

Working with emotional release, I fully understand that the theme around this emotion WILL likely reappear several times before it is finally put to rest. I am prepared and ready for the next round should it make an appearance!

Where are you stuck due to emotions?

Would it benefit you to work with a coach who can guide you through your own personal journey to release what no longer serves you? Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session today and take one step closer to your ultimate goal.

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