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Thank You for Being You


This time of year, my email (and possibly yours, too!) is flooded with ‘thankful, thank you and gratitude’ emails. Being appreciated is always a lovely part of my day!

For the last few years, the emails come in as a double edged sword.  Lovely, because the world becomes a bit more thankful and mindful this time of year.  Cutting, because the emails remind me of the date that is quickly approaching.   November 25th - the day my mom said her final goodbyes after her 3 year battle with cancer.  

One of my last conversations with my mom, she asked that I do two things.  The first was to find my life-work balance and my personal passion -- even if it meant leaving the fundraising world.  (Mission Accomplished.  Special thank you for all my clients for helping make that possible!)  The second was that I would trust that I was ‘enough.’   Regardless of what life may bring my way, she asked that I always remember that I was ‘enough.’

It took me a few years to figure out what she meant by ‘enough.’ 

My mom was an insightful woman.  She understood that even though I thrived on my independence, I took every blow or misspoken word personally and let it burrow deep inside and fester.  I would allow one critical statement to shake my confidence and destroy what I had built.  She was always on the sidelines, my biggest cheerleader, to build me back up again and help me find my confidence when it was lost. 

Her wish for me was that I would discover and always remember that I was ‘enough’.  That I could be my own cheerleader and not let the harsh words or actions of others affect my core being.  Knowledge that regardless of other people’s beliefs, actions or words, that I was ‘enough.’   A trust in myself to not allow the world to shake my personal beliefs, values, contributions to the world or innate love for myself. 

Today, I can look myself in the eye and believe myself when I say “I am enough.”

This Thanksgiving, I wish YOU the knowledge that you are ENOUGH.   Be grateful that you were created with your own unique gifts, talents and personality to be ENOUGH.  Just as you are.

Wishing You, and Yours, a grateful and loving Thanksgiving holiday. 


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